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Thoughts and Reflections

Danger Danger Danger. You are warned that you have now entered the twilight zone. From here on the missives will go from the previous bizarre and eccentric to batshit crazy. Just sayin'.


Quien Soy Yo?

It's a game we played in Spanish class meaning who am I? It was an offshoot to the 20 questions game. This is an attempt to explain my current perception of the world, whatever that is, and how it evolved. These are my value judgments.

There you have it. All the stories and thoughts that follow were filtered through those points up above. Be forewarned.


    -10/29/15 Each of us is an evolutionary experiment.

  -10/30/15. Emotions are the way the body communicates with the mind.

 - 6/15/15. Unfortunately technology doesn't have any natural predators.

        -Most of my life I have been comforted by the assumption that there must be many people smarter and wiser than me. 
        Lately I have come to the conclusion that maybe there are not, in fact, many people who are smarter and wiser than me. 

-I think I am beating my incompetence into submission.

-I love people who live life on their own terms, no excuses, no disclaimers.

-There are many people who think that the whole universe exists solely for their benefit.

     -The thing I most admire about Republicans is the fortitude with which they endure other peopleís pain.

-My generation is the last to grow up with a reverence for the past. That is a pity.

     -We are pathetic creatures not because of what we are but because of what we pretend to be.

-The problem with accomplishment is that once itís been achieved we are responsible for maintaining it.

-The thing I most admire about heroes is not their accomplishment but the sacrifices they had to make to accomplish them.

-Civilization enhances a manís ability to make an ass of himself.

    -Obama is being criticized by the right for politicizing Bin Laden. Theyíre right. The Democrats canít do anything right. 
     He should have dressed up in a Navy Seal uniform and come roaring on the set in an armored vehicle with a sign saying 
     Mission Accomplished.

-Inevitably those who reject the concept of God immediately attempt to play God.

-Twitter is a communication medium with all the messy soul stuff squeezed out of it. Our current version of 'New Speak'.

-As a species with many defects we may very well be doing as well as we can. Damn.

-Laws that are not respected by the majority are tyrannical.

-It seems that there is redundancy in the way we receive stimuli. The organ that analyzes incoming data is looking for A pattern for perfection. In music the interpreter is capable of deleting data that does not seem to belong. So people who are not musically literate don't hear the notes or the pitch, they hear an edited version. Other musicians, of course, will hear the mistakes, but fuck them.

-Emotion is the mortal enemy of intellect.

    -There is no dough in excellence.

-Truth is truth unless it's inconvenient.

     -The left brain needs and uses the right brain. The fight is over which side has control.

-The introvert's worst fear is of being a bore.

-ďLoving the earthĒ is a white manís expression. An indigenous person would not comprehend not loving the earth. He is the earth.

-A critic is a maggot feeding on the body of creativity.

-If you are living life fully that doesn't mean it's always fun.

-If we aren't seeking peace within ourselves we aren't accomplishing much.

-Our Universe seems to be described by the dualities of space-time and particle-wave.

-Without conflict there would be no evolution.

-If you label everyone as mediocre then your own mediocrity doesn't look so bad. Republican mantra.

-As miserable as I am from time to time I realize I'm probably in the top one percent in life satisfaction.

- Many women want to be guys but they're not very good at it.

- I was allowed to live life on my terms. You can't ask for more than that.

- Life is simple if you don't ask why.

- We hate it when (if) we realize that all great heroes, no matter what the venue, are just men, just like us. That means that we could excel if we really wanted to. Oh shit.

- Carlos Castenada wrote that Don Juan said, "I don't like words but I'm good at them." I think I am the same way. Words are a difficult and clumsy way of communicating.

- The tragedy of  the boomer generation is that their aspirations so far exceeded their accomplishments.

- We must discover and accept our weaknesses or we will always be vulnerable.

- Every time you have a law you also have a lawyer.

- Democracy works fairly well until you have problems.

- If we go through life looking to be offended, in my observation, we will be. I would think that to be a rather unproductive way of life.

- Learning from your mistakes. My brother had a Chesapeake retriever named Corky. Very smart dog but the craziest ball dog in history.  One time someone threw a ball near the camphor tree in the front yard. He raced toward the ball and hit the tree full speed with his head. He staggered around for a few seconds, but he was smart and learned. He never went near that tree again. Sound like anyone we know?

-If there really is an old man with a white beard sitting on a golden throne up there I've probably got a lot of 'splaining to do.